February 22, 2014

Photo Challenge: Part 2

Lovely Days: 10-18
Last week's #28lovelydays collection includes a lot of polka dots and the color pink. My current favorite color is purple-pink; so obviously that showed up in several of the pics. Did I ever mention how much I love birds? I spent many of nostalgic afternoons watching chickadees and sparrows from my window. Owls are my favorite too. I love this picture (middle) of us on our wedding day. It was taken by my brother with a simple point n shoot camera. Speaking of cameras, my fancy camera is a Canon Rebel T3i and the lens is Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II . I opted not to get the kit lens. I love both of them to bits! Last week, I was working on a new craft (customized iPhone case), but it was a bust. So no post on that.

For more amazing photos and inspiration, check Instagram and search for #28lovelydays.

February 11, 2014

Photo Challenge: Part 1

Lovely Days: 1-9
One of my goals for 2014 was to finish a photo challenge. I DID think about starting a project 365. But it seemed too daunting to me. So when the amazing Courtney over at Clicking It Up a Notch mentioned about a project for the month of February, themed around 'love', I was super giddy. The project, aptly called 28lovelydays, is about taking pictures every day of things you love. Personally, it felt like journey to self-discovery and about cherishing the littlest things in life. Like that picture of my 18 year old mom, which was tucked into this really old envelope, which itself was smooshed between piles of papers. Or my undying love of Starbucks, which like Sirens lures me back time and time again, no matter how hard I try. Or that particular Snow Patrol song which have been on repeat so many times that I lost count. And there are so many more! I am having so fun doing this photo challenge that I thought I’d share my progress with you guys.

If you want to join this challenge, you simply have to be on Instagram, take a photo of something you love every day and tag it with #28lovelydays. There are tons of brilliant photographers snapping away their little moments of love. It is such an inspiration! And it you are on Instagram, let’s be buddies. ^-^

February 5, 2014

February 1, 2014

A New Design

Good news everyone!
I am really excited to launch a new design for my blog. I have been dropping hints for a while about tweaking my blog. You might have seen some changes the last of couple of days. The timing couldn't be more perfect. A new year deserves a new design. I was pretty fond of my last design. But I wanted something that could reflect my current passions and philosophy more truly. So it is finally here! Come have a looksey!


All the design elements and coding are done by me, as usual. I decided to join the lettering/calligraphy bandwagon. And it ties so well with the design, I’d say. The header image has been on my mind for a while now. Now, I am not saying this is an original concept, but I love the fact it clarifies what this blog is about. Photography and sci-fi obsession aside, I am a crochet girl at heart. I have also decided to fully embrace my love of purple.

There are still some loose ends in the design and my perfectionist little self won’t be happy until I am done with them. So if you see something fishy or spooky, lemme know, okay? Few glitches aside, I am really happy how this turned out! And I am seriously thinking about taking up designing/coding as a job. If you want to know more about my designing process, or how I coded something in particular, let me know in the comments below. I will share my thoughts on them in the future.

Have a wonderful weekend!