May 13, 2015

WIP Wednesday: crochet lace top

Usually I'm not much into crochet or knit garment. I find them quite daunting. Specially if they are constructed in motifs. I end up making half of them. And quit the whole project within days. So when found this amazing pattern by Doris Chan, made from top to bottom in one piece, I gave it a go.
Balcony Life
So that's what I've been up to. I'm on to the last sleeve. Give me a day or two, I'll be a proud owner of a cute lacy crochet top.

Also summer is finally here. Yay! My new favorite thing to do is to sit in my balcony with a cup of tea and a good book (or crochet project) and soak up some sunshine. Happy sunny days! ☀

May 8, 2015

Mama and Baby Mushroom Amigurumi

Mama and Baby Mushroom
Lately I've been frequenting bookstores a lot. I loooove books! You know that right? :) Anyway…while I was browsing the shelves of Half Priced Bookstore, I came across this amigurumi book, Amigurumi Two! by Ana Paula Rimoli. Obviously I snagged it at once. It has a lot of cute and great amigurumi patterns, which I fell in love with. I had sufficient red and white yarn at hand, so I decided on the Mushroom Softies. Hence mama and baby mushrooms came into being.

Mama Mushroom
Here's mama mushroom in her natural habitat. She is actually the smallest size featured in the book. I worked it exactly as the pattern. The only differences are that I went down a hook size and used 9 mm eyes instead of 6 mm.

Mushroom Charm
The baby mushroom is worked in the same way. Only it is not as wide or high as mama. At the widest part it has 24 sc instead of 36. And the stalk circumference has 12 sc. It ended up being about 2 inch in height. I wanted to use it as a charm, so I added a little string loop on top of its cap. Here's the tiny fella hanging out with my keys. I think it looks uber cute as a charm - with your keys or bag.

Mushroom Charm

What fun/cute crafting have you been doing lately? Do share!

April 7, 2015

Pretty Things: Spring Edition


Ah spring! The season of renewal and rebirth. It' is only appropriate I start blogging again now. A bit of personal time was necessary to wrap up some things. I am a bit of ashamed to admit that I lost my blogging mojo for a while. Not that I have regained all the desire or wit to continue my past shenanigans. Nevertheless, like the rest of the things, I am putting back together piece by piece, I'll try my hardest to rekindle this old flame of mine. Until then, enjoy these pretty blooms from my short lived windowsill garden. They remind me of my mom, who is an avid gardener. Too bad, she never plants any flowers but claims they make the ultimate gift. This is for you mom, who nurtured me to be the romantic, and lover of everything pretty.