April 14, 2012

Baby Shower Gifts

Recently, one of my former colleagues, E, had a baby girl. So I thought I'll make something for her. Booties are always an effective last minute gift for baby showers. But I didn’t want to make any generic booties for her. After searching on Ravelry for a pattern, I found the most cutest baby booties ever! The pattern was shown in green but I thought pink would be more appropriate. Since I’ve never made baby booties before I had to make a test one. The final product came out almost perfect! Here they are. Aren’t the daisy buttons cute?

Daisy Baby Booties

I also found the pattern for the matching headband on the same Etsy shop. I was really excited about the braid. The huge flower somewhat resembles the daisy flower on the booties. Together, they made an adorable gift set for the baby shower.

Daisy Braided Headband

I just hope E liked them as much as liked making them.

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