April 26, 2012

Currently I am...

  • reading some of my favorite blogs, Oh Mishka and Your Wishcake in particular, for more blogging ideas. I love these girls! They are so inspirational and creative!
  • obsessed with Once Upon a Time. Who doesn't love fairytales with a twist?  And I've always been a Jennifer Morrison fan; so it was quite inevitable that I'd get sucked into this. And the stories are fascinating! Every week I try to guess which fairytale they are referring to. Speaking of fairy tales, have you watched Grimm? It's like a cross between fairy tales and Buffy. Also fascinating.
  • also in love with Revenge. (Yes, I watch way too much TV these days).
  • listening to more soft melodies. New favorites,  A Thousand Years (I know, I'm late to the party) and I Won't Give Up.
  • enjoying my e-magazine subscriptions. I love me some Real Simple!
  • resting  more to fight the whirlwind of vertigo attacks. All the dizziness and nausea is kinda gross.
  • having yogurts again. I missed it so much! I've always been a fan but stop eating because of the cold.
  • a little on the edge about job search. Most of the jobs want some sort of technical experience, which I don't have. *sigh*
  • content with my body and weight loss. I wasn't trying much lately, so I didn't lose much. But I didn't gain any weight either. Yay!
  • falling in love with Twitter again. And connecting with people, in general. People are awesome!

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