April 12, 2012

Gradient Dot Nails

This is one of my favorite nail designs I've done so far. I kinda got the idea from a t-shirt tutorial sometime ago (Can't remember where I saw it though. Bummer!). The idea is to create a gradient effect by painting dot from either light to dark or dark to light colors. You can use 3 different shades in the same color family. Or you can do what I did. Used a color of my choice, pink, and white.

After painting my nails with a black polish, I started making colors for the dots. For the lightest color, I mixed a lot of white with a tiny bit of pink to make the palest pink. Then dotted away at the bottom part of the nails. You can scatter some dots upwards to make it look more blended. Then for the second step I mixed a bit more pink to the white paint, say in 1 to 1 ratio. This time when I started dotting, I drew couple of them in the previous color area. This again will make the blending look perfect. Finally I made another color mixture with a tiny bit of white and lots of pink and painted the dots on the very tips of the nails. And here they are!

Gradient Dot Nails

Paints Used :
base Sally Hansen Xtream wear in Black Out
dots mixture of White (Sally Hansen Xtream wear in White On) and Pink (Petites in Ice Berry)

This design looks really pretty. And you don't have to be precise for your dot placements. I used a toothpick for my dotting tool. A genuine dotting tool will create for uniform dots.

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