April 7, 2012

My Crochet Love

The first time I ever picked up a crochet hook was when I was about 14. You see, I come from a family with a love for crafts. I have/had grand mothers, aunts who had practiced a ton of stuffs. Crochet, knitting , needlepoint... you name it, they've done it. So, the first time I saw my aunt doing crochet (she was making a lace doily with a steel hook), I was really intrigued. I urged her to teach me. She was quite diligent teaching me few basic stitches. My first few times were not so good. My stitches were loose, my finishing was sloppy. May be because of the steel hook (I still dread them). Or may be because I was just starting out.

Anyways, first forward 14 more years. I was searching for an easy craft to do. And I thought I could start doing crochet again. And I fell in love with it! My problem is I cannot focus on large projects. So I do a lot of small projects. Hats, gloves...something that takes couple of hours to finish. Last Christmas I made a bunch of hats for gifts. I was thrilled when they really liked them. It's such a great feeling! 

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