April 11, 2012

Not-so-French Manicure

As much I love to paint my nail in a neutral tone, I can’t bare to stand the stark white French tips. They seem so… unnatural. This is because my skin tone is some what light olive with golden under tones. And the crisp white tips totally clashes with my skin tone. Up until then, I’ve never encountered an American manicure.

I think I first saw it on YouTube. So I picked up a bottle of a creamy white color for the tips. Here, I used Essie’s Adore-a-Ball for the tips. It is a little bit pinkish compared to the Marshmallow (also from Essie). But I think it works perfectly. Topped with a clear natural tint, it looks really nice. I like SH’s (Sally Hansen) hard as nails.

The Not-So-French Manicure

The bottle I’m holding is actually SH’s hard as nails nail hardener. I always use this as my base coat. My nails used to be thin and brittle and I couldn’t seem to grow them out. This hardener helped a lot in the process. Of course, my calcium and protein rich diet helps too.

So tell me, which manicure do you prefer, French or American?

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