April 17, 2012

Perfect Nude Nail Polish

I buy most of my nail colors from the local Rite Aid. There is no Walgreen or CVS in the 10 mile radius of where I live. The local Walmart doesn't have much nail colors besides some Sally Hansen. So Rite Aid is my favorite place to shop for all the beauty products. And every time I go there these days, I'll spend a good 20 minutes near the Sinful Colors display, searching for a pretty color and resisting the urge to buy everything on the shelf. They have a ginormous collection!! I'm not really fond of their quality per se ( translucent, streaky, etc.) but I do appreciate the wide range of colors. If you are into nail arts involving a wide array of colors, these are cheap buy ($1.99/bottle).


Anyway, while browsing the other day, I picked up this color. It's called Flirting Nails. I was a little skeptical at first, thought it might not work for me. But this turned out to be the perfect nude nail color for my skin tone. The color is a taupe-bronze mixture and has a little shimmer to it. I loved the color so much, I wore it 7 days straight ( a bit unusual for me) and it didn't chip a bit. Of course I always wear good base and top coats.

Do you have any favorite neutral/nude nail color?


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