April 5, 2012

Red and White Polka Dot Nails

My most favorite pattern in the world is 'Polka Dots'. I am so obsessed that I own a lot of things with this pattern. Bags, accessories, dress... A lot of stuffs. I think the most classic is white dots on red. When I first started doing creative nails I had to do this of course. Back then I didn't own any dotting tools. I used nail art pen and toothpick. I think, for a makeshift dotting tool, toothpick works absolutely wonderful. Of course you have to train your non dominant hand to paint on your dominant hand. In my case, I had to train my left one to paint on the right. It takes a while to get used to. The key is to practice. Yes, mom is right. Practice makes it perfect. Practice, practice, practice. And practice some more. In no time you'll have perfect dots on your nails.

Here are two versions of the pattern. The left one was my first. As you can see it has jagged edges (one of my first paints). You can use tape to paint neat edges.

Red Polka Dot nails mosaic

Paints used:
Base: Petites in Hot Sauce - (both left and right)
Dots: Sally Hansen nail art pen in White (left) and Sally Hansen Xtream wear in White On (right)

How do you do your nails? Do you have any favorite patterns?


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