April 24, 2012

Shell Patterned Finger less Gloves

I have mentioned before how much I like to make crochet accessories. One of my favorites is finger less glove. They only take a little yarn and time to finish. This time I wanted to make something a bit thicker than the lacy one I finished before. I also wanted to make them a little longer, so that I can tuck them in my

Shell Wristlet

Shell Wristlet

sleeves. That means I can no longer make a tube and call it a day. The measurements around my knuckles and the middle of my forearm were different by half inch. So I had to modify the pattern with a narrower top. They have deeper cuts for the thumb openings. I worked with a basic shell stitch all over. This is worked from bottom to top. When it reaches the base of the thumb, the decrease begins. The shell stitch is quite dense and feels really comfy in cold days. The pattern was originally created for small hands (mine!). But I think they can be made for bigger sizes too.


  • Some worsted weight yarn and 
  • US H-8 (5mm) crochet hook
  • tapestry/wool needle 

Finished size
6.5" (7.5", 8.5") around the knuckles for S (M, L) gloves. Approximately 6" long.

(2 dc, 1 ch, 2 dc ) in same stitch or space

Start with a slip stitch with 8" tail. Ch 32 (36, 40).
Row 1: shell in 4th ch from hook * skip 3 ch, shell in next ch; rep from * to end. 7 (8,9) shells made. Turn.
Row 2: ch 3 * shell in ch-1 space of next shell; rep from * to end. Turn.
Row 3-8: Repeat Row 2
Decrease begins.
Row 9: sl st in turning ch, next 2 dc and ch-1 sp. ch 4 ( 1dc and ch1 sp made). 2 dc in the same ch-1 space. * shell in next ch-1 space of next shell. Rep from * on the next 4 (5,6) shells. In the last ch-1 space, 2 dc 1 ch 1 dc. 2 half shells and 5 (6,7) shells made. Turn. Leave rest of the stitches un-worked.
Row 10: ch 4, 2 dc in ch-1 space, * shell in ch-1 space of next shell. Rep from * on the next 4 (5,6) shells. On the last ch-1 space, 2 dc 1 ch 1 dc.
Row 11-13: Repeat Row 10. Fasten off leaving a 5" tail.

To finish, fold the work in half. Sew the sides together. With the 5" yarn sew 1" from top, fasten off. With the yarn left at the bottom sew the sides of the wider part together (about 3.5"). Fasten off.

Repeat with the next one.

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