June 28, 2012

Gradient Glitter Nails

Summer is finally here in the Pacific Northwest! *knocks on wood* The weather has not been great this year. Most of the time it's cold and rainy. At times we will get some hot days. But it doesn't stay that way. I love summer!! Summer means wearing airy clothes, putting your feet up, eat copious amount of popsicles and berries. My most favorite thing to do is wearing strappy sandals. That means I get to paint my toes and nails with pretty summer colors.

I haven't bought any new nail colors lately. I was looking through my stash and came up with this brilliant idea. Gradient glitter nails, using only one color.


I know there are a lot of tutorials out there for gradient or ombre nail idea. Usually they use more than 2 colors. I wanted to do something much simpler. The trick is to use a color that is sheer and has fine glitter. Here I used colors from Wet N Wild Fast Dry collection. The purple is called Hannah Pinktana (I know, it's hilarious!) and the Blue is called Blue wants to be a millionaire. 


To get the gradient effect here's the technique.
  1. Paint your nails with a base coat.
  2. Paint 1/4 of your nails at the tip. Wait 3-5 minutes to dry completely.
  3. Paint 1/3 of your nails at the tip. Wait 3-5 minutes to dry completely.
  4. Paint 1/2 of your nails at the tip. Wait 3-5 minutes to dry completely.
  5. Then paint your full nails . Wait full 5 minutes before you finish it with a top coat.
I call this the 'the measuring cup method'. It's easier to remember how much you need to paint in each step. Since the glitters are quite fine, your nails won't look bumpy with layers of colors. 

Right now, I'm sporting the purple one. It resembles a glittery lilac color which a great color to wear in summer. I hope you try this and have fun!
  1. I love the name color. I am horrible at painting my nails so I don't do it very much. I love to see how to correctly do things that make you look glam. Thank you so much for sharing your web site.


    1. Hi Cynthia!
      I used to be a clumsy painter too. But over the years I learned to paint with my left heard (my non dominant hand), which helped a lot. I also stick with basic easy to do nail art, so it doesn't mess up very much.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. You are good at this! I am decent at painting my nails, but I don't do designs like this anymore since it takes way too much time and patience from me lol.
    I love the color by the way!

    If you have time, could you check out/comment my blog?

    1. Thanks, Mindy! I actually do my nails while I'm working on my desk. I know it sounds weird, but I'm too impatient to paint a coat and wait. So I paint a coat and work on my laptop. Typing doesn't smudge my color, so it's great. I'll make sure to stop by your blog.


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