June 27, 2012

Rose Headband

I've been meaning to build a gift stash for a while. And here's a new addition to it. Another headband. This time with a rose. Actually, the headband was made later. I was browsing some flower patterns. And stumbled upon this rose pattern. I immediately began working on it. After I finished, I was amazed by how nice it turned out. And I thought,  it will look absolutely adorable on a baby's head! So I made a simple headband and attached the rose. It looks quite pretty, doesn't it?

Rose Headband

I made all the headbands with Caron's SPA yarn. I'm practically in love with it. It has a soft feel and a nice sheen to it. As a beginner, I worked mostly with cheap yarns. As my experience is growing, I feel a little more comfortable to work with expensive and good quality yarn. Someday I'll buy more grown up yarns. Someday.

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