July 15, 2012

New Project: Flower & Braid Bookmark

You must know I love summer. To commemorate my love for summer and books, here's my new crochet project: flower and braid bookmark.

Flower & Braid Bookmark

This was a super-fast project. It only took me 30 minutes to finish this, including pauses for the photo shoots. Although I've made it using only one color, the braid can be made in multiple colors to give variations. I think this might be a great gift for book lovers, too! I'll be posting the tutorial/pattern very soon.

Speaking of books, have you read The Happiness Project yet? If not, go ahead and grab a copy. It's a great book!! It has shaped much of my outlook and helped me gain perspective in the matter of happiness. I highly recommend it.

Book Love

What are you reading this summer?

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