August 27, 2012

Work in progress...

I think I've mentioned somewhere in this blog before how I have been working on some large projects. Well... I am still working on them. For me, large projects are usually hard to finish. First of all, most of the large crochet projects involve repetitions of either a motif or some pattern. I get quite excited for the first couple of motifs. Then at some point, I memorize the whole pattern (of the motif), and the project loses its charm. I don't know if this happens to anyone out there. But this happens to me all the time. That's why my favorite projects are the ones I can finish in 1-3 days. But I sometimes I do persevere and finish a sweater or two. Although, it took me 3 years to finish my first sweater. >_<

And then, couple of months ago, I picked up this magazine on my usual grocery run. It's Vogue Knitting's Crochet : 2012 special collector's issue. And it has so many beautiful and interesting crochet patterns!! I mostly liked the lacy patterns, which are my all time favorite.

VOGUEKnitting : Crochet (2012)

At first glance the patterns seem very intimidating. But then you realize, you just have to make multiple motifs and join them together. So I picked up two patterns to work on. I had to dare myself a little bit though ^_^. The first one is called Lacy Top (18). It is designed by Doris Chan. So, obviously it's very pretty. The fun part of this pattern is that it has three different versions of the motif. So the boredom with the same pattern doesn't happen much. You need to make total 30 motifs to finish this project. I've finished only 10 of them.


The second one is called Wrapped Tunic (5). This one is designed by Robyn Chachula. Again, like the lacy top, this pattern uses variations of the same motif. This requires me to finish 53 separate motifs ( a lot!!). To this day, I've finished 26. So I'm halfway there!


The yarns I used for this projects are my favorite - SPA by Caron. I think I've raved about this yarn before. It's a light weighted (3) yarn with a bamboo blend and nice shine. It gives amazing finish to any project. For the lacy top I'm using the Rose Bisque color and for the tunic, Naturally.

Yarn: Rose Bisque

Yarn: Naturally

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