September 5, 2012

New Blog Address & Design

Today I am really happy to announce that the blog is going through some major changes. First up, unique domain has been acquired. Right now we are live on:

Yay! *happy dance*

Then I thought, It's the perfect time to get a new blog design. I've been itching to redesign my blog for quite sometimes. But I promised myself, it will only happen if write consistently for 4 months or more. I have tendency to procrastinate on my writing while tweaking the design. Not good! So, that's what I've been up to the last couple of days. The blog has been completely revamped with new design elements, updated pages and other tidbits. And, the best part, the blog design was done by yours truly, yes, Moi! Here's a snapshot, if you are on a feed reader or something.

New blog design & domain

I designed most of the elements including the header, social media icons and buttons. My favorite parts were designing the logo and coding the share buttons of the post footer. I'm actually quite pleased how it turned out. I may have a shot in blog designing after all, no?

Just a word of caution, I'm tying some loose ends on the template. So there might be some broken links and what not. If you find something, please...please let me know by a comment on this post. 
  1. It took quite a bit of googling, but I finally found your blog, yay :) !


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