September 8, 2012

Re-purposed Jeans Tote

First let me just say, I've a sort of bag problem. The definition of bag problem is 'when you can't seem to find any decent bags that fits your purpose'. No matter, what I buy, it's either too big or too small. It will have lots of pockets or none at all. So I practically gave up buying bags ( which is a miracle itself).

But the real problem started when I was in grad school. Everyday I had to carry this ginormous backpack with my 7 pound laptop, notebooks, binders and food. Being only 4'11", I looked like giant lopsided mushroom in the morning. Then when I had to run in the campus for classes, carrying the backpack was no fun. I was looking for a tote to carry stuff to classes, but every tote looks gigantic on me. Then one day, it hit me, why don't I make a tote myself, which is just enough big to carry a binder (or a notebook) and some essential stuff? But I also wanted to carry just my laptop now and then, so I planned to make something out of a sturdy material. After rampaging through our old jeans box and cutting up an old dress, behold, my new tote was born!

Repurposed Jeans Tote
Since I had to have enough material to carry binders, I had to sew different jeans together. I chose two different toned jeans and cut open their legs. Then I sow them alternating, resembling a quilt pattern. For the inner shell/lining I used one of my old dresses. It wasn't particularly my favorite, but I thought it went pretty well with the denim.

printed inner shell
I also used up the trim from the hem. I just cut up a big piece along the hem with the trim and sow it on the shell to make it a pocket. It was perfect!

pocket with trim
Lastly, I wanted to create some tie to close the wide mouth. The dress came in to the rescue again. It had some ties already! All I did was cut them to my desired length. Then I made two tiny button holes on the top of the bag on both sides. Then the ties were threaded in and I made a knot to hold them in place. And voila!

printed ties
It does look quite cute when I tie them in a bow.


Have you ever made any totes from re-purposed materials? Do share!

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