November 16, 2012

Seed Stitch Knotted Headband: Preview

After we moved to the Midwest, closer to the great lakes, it's been an interesting topic to discuss with friends - how cold does it get here. The people from here always try to boast how much cold it is than the rest of the country (cue in the "one time during winter..." stories). But they almost forget we've lived in Eastern Washington for quite some time. So we don't scare that easily. Hey, I heard it snowed there already! We are still waiting for the season's first snow over here.

Well, putting the debate aside, I love me some winter accessories! And I've been meaning to make some of the cute headbands I see around the web. One of them was Stephanie's knotted headband. I love bows! And it's cute enough for an adult. Instead of making it with crochet, I decided to a make a knit version.

Seed Stitch Knotted Headband

Here's me - hopelessly posing with the headband on. I'm still trying to figure out how to do self-portraits with the new camera. Don't mind my messy weird hair. I think the headband looks pretty good, no? I also tested if it was warm enough for the winter months, and it passed with flying colors. My ears were quite toasty!

Selfie w/ HeadBand

I'll be posting the tutorial of this headband pretty soon. What fun things are you creating lately? 
  1. This is really creative and super cute :)


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