November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Dinner Recap

Last week, on Thanksgiving day, we did something different. Usually we skip cooking something fancy on Thanksgiving, since it's just the two of us. But this year, we indulged ourselves with a mini Thanksgiving feast. Our menu was quite simple, actually:

Mashed Potatoes

Thanksgiving Dinner for Two

Everything turned out so great, I couldn't resist myself taking some pictures. And they were few of my best pictures I've ever taken. So much so, I kinda drooled a bit while editing them. ^_^

Herb and Lemon Roasted Cornish Hens

Mashed Potatoes

Green Beans with Cranberries and Walnut

Sweet Potato Casserole

How was your Thanksgiving Day? Did you eat or cook something fancy? Please do tell. I love to read your answers!
  1. Those look really awesome! We cooked over two days. Roasted cornish hens with potatoes, penn cove mussels, butternut squash soup, indian fried chicken, green beans, lavender ice cream and raspberry pie....STUFFED.


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