January 11, 2013

Diagonal Puffy Striped Cowl

I have been wanting to make a cowl for sometime now. After all, it is winter and cowls seems to be the popular choice of the season. But after two failed attempts I wasn't quite sure anymore. You see, I had this lovely plum yarn. The color itself is very lovely. But it doesn't go well with other colors. So I frogged my first attempt. Then I started a heavily textured pattern. And the pattern was eating up yarn like crazy. So I had to rip that one, too. And then couple of days ago, I came up with this simple pattern, which had some texture, but not too much. And... and... it took me only three days to finish it! Behold the Diagonal Striped Cowl.

Diagonal Striped Cowl

Here's me wearing it. As you can see, it is not quite thick or long. It is one of those cowls that stay close to your neck. But it is not quite tight either. It may be modified to be longer or shorter (or wider) to your desire. But I loved this length and width!


Here's a closer look at the cowl.

Closeup #1

Err... it doesn't look quite right. How about this one? Apparently, it is a bit hard to take a self portrait while focusing on the cowl. Oh well!

Closeup #2

See? The pattern is rather simple! The staggered bobble stitches make the diagonal stripes.
Of course, you can try to figure out the pattern from this. (^_^) But I'll be posting the pattern pretty soon, I promise. Until then, happy crocheting! 

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