January 9, 2013

New Year


Happy New Year!

Hi everyone! How's the new year treating you all? I've been on an impromptu blogging break the last month. Hence the lack of posts. It is mostly because my usual hobbies were replaced by some new ones momentarily. If you follow me on twitter, you probably already know I've been baking up a storm, taking silly pictures and watching way too much TV on Netflix. Although I love baking as much as I love doing crochet, I will not be sharing my baking endeavors here. This blog is still about my creative efforts on crafts and photography. Although, baking can be called creative, no?

Every new year I get tempted to make resolutions. But the problem is, no matter how well intentions I have, I end up abandoning them in a month. So this year, I did not make any personal resolution at all. It was kind of liberating to welcome the new year with an open mind instead of focusing on any particular issue. That being said, some sort of guidelines are always a good idea in some aspects of life. So here are the three resolution I would like to try this year for crafts and creativity.
  1. Create more original designs in crochet.
  2. Take more pictures.
  3. For any given time, reduce the number of WIPs (work in progress) to 5.
Also, I would love to network with more crafters, yarn enthusiasts and other bloggers (non bloggers are also welcome). Please feel free to follow me on twitter (@FarahA30), Pinterest (farabedin) and Flickr (farahn30). I am very frequent on twitter and usually share pictures of my ongoing projects and other interests. I have met wonderful people through it! May be even you!! ^_^ So don't be shy to message me there. Or you can also email me here: farah @ thefrillypages [dot] com . 

Do you have any crafting resolution for this year? Please do tell.

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