January 15, 2013

On Toys and Tools

I have always been a bit frugal and creative in much of my crafting endeavors. So when I fell in love with working from a center pulled yarn ball, naturally I watched many YouTube videos to do it myself. By hand. It was going very well. Until I started a project that required five different colored yarns. At first, I was like "Yeah bring it on!". Then it turned into "it can be very relaxing to wind yarn by hand. Om..." . After all that, my turnover rate was one yarn ball per day. At that point I realized something has to be done, which most likely involves me purchasing a yarn ball winder. So I gave in and I got one from Knit Picks.

Yarn Ball Winder

And let me tell you something... this was the best $20 investment I have made in my entire life. It is a great tool that produces these fabulous center pulled yarn balls that doesn't roll around. After I set it up for the first time, I wound 7 - 8 skeins in an hour and half. I was really, really impressed.

yarn ball winder: montage
Speaking of tools, some time ago I purchased a No.7 crochet hook. The only one I found was from Tulip. Although it is a little expensive than your regular Boye hook (which I have been using solely until then), it is a charm to work with it. I can not say enough good things about this particular hook! So, I put it on my wish list to purchase it someday when I am an expert in crochet (he he). But my lovely hubby totally surprised me this Christmas by getting the entire set! And I am so in love with them!!

Tulip Crochet Hooks

Do you have any particular craft tool that you can not do without? I would love to hear about it!

Disclaimer: Knit Picks and Tulip did not pay me to say anything for their products. These are my personal opinion on things I have purchased myself or received as gifts.  

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