January 24, 2014

Week on Instagram

Week on Instagram
I am shuffling stuff around the blog. And deleted some of the sidebar elements, including my Flickr photo stream. I want to put a Instagram badge there, but can't figure out the code yet. So in the meantime, we are going to do a weekly recap through Instagram pics. Fun, eh?

This week has been quite chilly here in the Midwest. I am really glad this months's Birchbox had teas in it. And that black-current flavored tea was absolutely awesome! We are also warming ourselves with Khichuri - a rainy day staple in my mom's house. Think of it as a Bengali comfort food. My insomnia is bothering me a bit lately; so I have taken up drinking warm milk toddies. Just nutmeg does not do for me, so I put some cinnamon and cardamom in mine. Sorry, Aunt Adele. (Bonus point: if you know who she is ^-^). Did I ever mention how much I love stationary in general? Give me some cutesy paper stuff, and I will be happy for days. And obviously, I am sick. Again.

Are you on Instagram? I'd love to follow you! Leave me your Instagram handle in the comments. If you wish to follow me, I am faraha30. Have a great weekend, you guys!

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