February 22, 2014

Photo Challenge: Part 2

Lovely Days: 10-18
Last week's #28lovelydays collection includes a lot of polka dots and the color pink. My current favorite color is purple-pink; so obviously that showed up in several of the pics. Did I ever mention how much I love birds? I spent many of nostalgic afternoons watching chickadees and sparrows from my window. Owls are my favorite too. I love this picture (middle) of us on our wedding day. It was taken by my brother with a simple point n shoot camera. Speaking of cameras, my fancy camera is a Canon Rebel T3i and the lens is Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II . I opted not to get the kit lens. I love both of them to bits! Last week, I was working on a new craft (customized iPhone case), but it was a bust. So no post on that.

For more amazing photos and inspiration, check Instagram and search for #28lovelydays.

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