September 2, 2014

Currently I am...

Froth Galore
...eating Questbars!! I am not a person who is into hypes, specially hyped foods. But I was looking for something to satisfy my sweet tooth, and that did not taste chemically. I finally found them at our local Hyvee (grocery store). These are ridiculously expensive but freaking delicious. Right now I only buy them once or twice a week.

...drinking loads of homemade lattes and cappuccinos, as I practice frothing milk with our new espresso maker. So far I’ve demolished 3 gallons of milk in the process. They say it takes about 5 gallons of milk to master the perfect froth. I am half way there!

...reading 'Divergent', which is taking me ages to finish. Obviously this is not something I am enjoying very much. I’m still trying to stick to it to give it couple more chances to redeem itself before the ending; so that I can finally say ‘yeah, I gave it a try till the end, but it still sucked’. Yes, I have issues.

...listening to comedy channels on Spotify. Sometimes music bores me. I tend to listen to the same thing over and over. So it was kind of refreshing to stumble upon the ‘word’ section on Spotify.

...watching nothing is particular. I’m eagerly waiting for Fall TV to start. Although I’ve been eyeing the final season of 'The Killing' on Netflix. OMG, that show it soooo good‼ If you have Netflix, go watch it now.

...wearing my Sketchers Go Walk shoes everywhere. They look a bit dorky. But they are great for walking (duh). And I am finding myself making excuses to run around the block randomly.

...enjoying our new apartment, specially its proximity to so many fun places. I am thoroughly enjoying walks on the trail that is nearby. It’s quite pretty with a creek and everything.

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