September 30, 2014

How to celebrate being 33

1. Wake up and do a thorough calculation if the years add up. Give up, pretend it’s any other day and sleep for 15 more minutes.

Birthday Brekkie

2. Eat a cupcake for breakfast. Down it with a strong cup of coffee, preferably with Americano. If you feel like spending dough, follow the sirens’ song and grab them from your local coffee shop.

3. Go see your eye doctor. Eyes are precious. Now that you’re over the hill (there…there) you need to take care of them even more. While you’re at it, make it a yearly thing. This way you won’t forget about at least one appointment in the coming years.

New Books

4. If you wanna do something special for yourself, buy some books. Books are excellent gifts for anyone! Even for a special snowflake like you.

5. Go on with your life.

Taco Tuesday

6. Eat tacos for dinner. They are freaking delicious! And you don’t necessarily need a ton of toppings. Bonus points if it’s on a Tuesday.

7. Ponder about life and write a poignant journal/blog entry about your birthday. This may or may not turn into a feeble attempt in satire. If people argue on the topic, declare that you just made a list. Everyone loves list.

8. Scratch that, do whatever you wish- IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!!

9. Eat another cupcake as post dinner snack. Do not let its size frighten or deter you from your mission.

10. Call it a day.

  1. Great post! Looks like you did everything right on your special day!


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