September 26, 2014

Kitchen Adventures: Asian Rice Bowl

At a very early age, I knew being a homemaker is not my calling. It’s not that I was a terrible cook or anything; I just didn't have much patience or love for routine. To me, meal planning, cooking the same thing every other day sounded awfully boring. I never knew once I grow up, I’ll crave the certainty of routines to avoid epic meltdowns in the kitchen because I ran out of cumin. After many misadventures in the kitchen, I started devising plans. Now I cook almost the same thing every week. Every Tuesday is ‘Chickpea Tuesday’. But that’s another story. The main star of this story is the rice bowl. I cannot say enough good things about rice bowls. Being an Asian, love for rice is probably in my blood. They are amazingly satisfying. No matter if they are Tex-Mex styled or Asian Fusion. Also, cue in the #thisiswhyiamfat.

Asian Rice Bowl

Asian Rice Bowl

So I made this Asian inspired rice bowl the other day. I found this yummiest (and the easiest) Korean beef recipe on Pinterest. And it was a huge hit. Here I made it with ground turkey. It has a great sweet-salty-spicy-smoky flavor. I love ginger in Asian food, so I doubled the amount from the original recipe. The carrot is cooked in Japanese Kinpira style; which is just a fancy way to say it was sautéed and simmered. I found the recipe in Just Bento blog/cookbook, which is one of my favorites. Finally, the spinach is just wilted and sprinkled with a bit of sesame oil. (If you are into Korean or Japanese food you should get some sesame oil for your pantry. It completely changes the flavors of vegetables and makes them extra yummy). All of these topped my bowl of steamed Basmati rice. I used Basmati, because that’s all I have in hand. You can go for either long or short grain rice.

Asian Rice Bowl
The recipes that I used:
Korean Beef
Carrot Kinpira

Are you a rice fan? What is your favorite rice dish to cook? Do share! I love to read your comments.


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