December 2, 2014

Yarn Haul: Knitpicks

Yarn crafters can have favorites. Or maybe it's just me. I tend to get attached to certain things, including yarns. So when one of my longtime favorite yarns from Caron got discontinued, I was pretty devastated. The yarn I was pining over had an amazing luster and feel to it. But most importantly, it had natural fiber that I wasn't allergic too. Finding a new substitute became somewhat an important task. I knew I had to venture out to yarn world which I was poorly aware of.

Yarn Haul from Knitpicks

Enter, Knitpicks. A long time ago, I purchased a Yarn Ball Winder from them. I fell head over heels in love with the winder. But I've never purchased any yarn from them before (I know, it's a shame). Finally I took the plunge and ordered couple of different yarns to try out. The yarns that I ordered from them were Comfy™ Sport, Shine™ Sport and CotLin™ (DK). I am used to work with heavier yarn, mostly with worsted and light worsted variety. So it was a bit intimidating to work with thinner material. But I have to say, eventually I became a fan. Among all of these, Comfy™ has to be my favorite. It’s a combination of acrylic and cotton, so no chance of allergy for me. The good news is Comfy™ also comes in worsted weight. I can’t wait to try it out in the future!

Yarn love mug Sheep and Kitten from Knitpicks

Now can we all discuss how cute this mug is?

(Knitpicks did not pay me to write this post. All of the yarns, and other stuff in the pictures are purchased by me.)

  1. I want to love knit picks more, but i don't know if I can! I bought a few skeins last year, the comfy shine being one of them, but they looked so limp and "cheap" when I started knitting. So they're back in my stash, unused. Maybe I just got a bad batch? I figured that I buy yarn infrequently enough that it makes sense to go with more quality stuff.

    1. Oh that sucks! :( I've read that Knitpicks can be very inconsistent. Luckily the yarn I got were good. And I loved the colors! Where do you buy yarns from?

    2. Hey there! I usually buy from some sellers on etsy: yarnstories, yarntopia, ursulas yarns, feltforewe. I also buy stuff from the loopyewe and from three LYS here. I usually stick with the cascade series if I am making something bulky. Imagiknit in SF is hard to beat


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